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“My husband and I took Todd’s class and were blown away! He is not kidding when he says that his standards far exceed those of a typical Permit to Carry course. We left not only with a thorough understanding of MN law regarding carry permits but also with a greater awareness of gun manipulation and self defense. We will be signing up for more of his classes soon. If anyone is looking for the real deal this is it!”

– Karla Schedlbauer

“Took Todd’s class and it was awesome! Lots of valuable information, situational awareness, and demonstrations. Overall I am very satisfied with the class. I will return for future classes and send people his way. Way better class than most, for a way better price!”

-Dennis Barnholtz

“Well what can I say that hasn’t already been said, well I’ll start by saying Todd is awesome!!!!!! The class was great he surpasses the normal “conceal & carry” class. It was very interactive and the amount of knowledge I took in in only 7hrs is unbelievable! I would definitely recommend Todd’s classes to any and everyone!”

-Jason Morin

“Great Class and even better instructor. This is not just a class where you sit and watch a movie or read a book about guns. Todd gets you up on your feet moving around running you through situations and simulations. Todd focuses on teaching you how to defend yourself in an involuntary life or death situation, on top of the legalities of carrying a gun. I highly recommend Todd and his CCW course. I can’t say enough good things about this course or Todd.”

-Dylan Benoit

“Todd is a great instructor and very knowledgeable in self defense. I would highly recommend the CCW class for anyone looking into getting or renewing a CCW permit, it is a great value for $69.”

-Jackson Coleman

“I really enjoyed my class. Todd is a great teacher! I feel very empowered after taking this class! I highly recommend!”

-Barbara Nevin