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Philosophy and Methodology

5D Defensive Training System

 At Integrative Defense Strategies / we understand firearm or hand-to-hand skills alone aren’t enough.  We instead look at these skills as just one part of a larger interdependent system of self-defense, a system where all of the elements are equally distributed and interwoven, enabling adaptable options and sound decision making for all kinds of critical incidents.

5D Core Elements:

  • Legal Education
  • Mental and Behavioral Preparation
  • Hand to Hand Combative Training (Krav Maga)
  • Firearm Implementation
  • Simulated Scenario Exercises
Click to view a larger version of the 5D Defensive Training System infographic

Click to view a larger version of the 5D Defensive Training System infographic

Reality Simulated Training

We get you on your feet! Integrative Defense Strategies / is more than just a lecture or classroom. Instead, our objective is to be as hands on and experiential as possible getting you on your way to the building of mental and physical skills. Through the use of intensive and innovative training practices, at Integrative Defense Strategies / we employ established tactics and strategies that have been proven effective time and time again in real world critical incidents, setting us apart from others in the industry.

Scenario Based Training (firearms and/or hands-to-hand)

We train in a full spectrum environment. Unlike static range training or closed hand-to-hand combat training, which conditions you to have tunnel vision and stand still in a critical incident, Scenario Based Training is the world where we begin to combine the legal, mental, hand-to-hand and firearm skills in simulated scenarios, blending your knowledge and skills, preparing you to be as good as you need to be, to avoid or stop a threat, well before you find yourself in a critical incident.

How It’s Done (firearms)

We develop shooting skills in an environment that wouldn’t usually be considered bullet accommodating. While live fire training and practice is an essential aspect of the training process- at Integrative Defense Strategies / we understand that a large percentage of the defensive shooting skillset is the practical development of firearm manipulation techniques. This accomplished through unconventional munitions and training aids such as:

  • Training guns
  • SIRT Laser Trainers
  • Air Soft Guns (Airsoft guns safely simulate all the handling aspects of a real gun without the danger.)
  • Dummy Rounds

All of these technologies play an intricate role in the world of Reality Simulated Training. In other words we help build and improve your mechanics and skills in firearm implementation before you fire a live shot.

Live Fire Training

Now that we have developed or improved your mechanics and skill set the next step is to take it live! Through the use of established principles and proven state-of-the-art techniques, our live fire training is simply an extension of our classroom and simulation exercises, designed to deepen learning and absorption of skills with actual live fire munitions. By increasing your understanding and abilities in the fundamental principles of defensive shooting, you will be able to improve your manipulation, accuracy and speed of your firearm dramatically.

Defensive Options (Hand-To-Hand Self Defense)

See class description.