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Do you need to renew your Minnesota carry permit? Are you a new gun owner looking to get your first Minnesota CCW?  Are you in need of hand-to-hand or self-defense training? You are in the right place. provides hands on, comprehensive multi-disciplinary self-defense training. Our training is reality based training for all levels of personal protection. Whether you are a person taking the initial steps in getting a concealed weapons permit in Minnesota, developing skills in personal protection or are a seasoned professional, provides a full spectrum approach to demystifying and simplifying personal protection and firearms experience. At our goal is to prepare you be as good as you need be, to avoid or stop a threat, well before you find yourself in a critical incident. No other Minnesota concealed carry class or personal protection training offers the scope and depth of this program.

More Than Just a CCW Class!

Be it Mental & legal preparation, hand-to-hand self defense, weapon manipulation or all of the above, we can take your personal defense needs to the next level. Enroll with because you know this is serious stuff and because you understand that our classes are about more than just piece of paper.

More Than Just a Gun Class – 5D Defensive Training System

Unlike static range training, which conditions you to have tunnel vision and stand still in a critical incident, Scenario Based Training is the world where we begin to combine the legal, mental, hand-to-hand and firearm implementation in simulated scenarios, designed to deepen learning and absorption of skills.

Tactical and Combatives Training

Training you in fundamental strategies and tactics for personal defense against armed adversaries within extreme close quarters, common structures and vehicles.

Concealed Carry and Renewal Classes

At the firearm is just one part of a larger interdependent system of self- defense. We train in a full spectrum environment through the use of intensive and innovative training practices.

This Multi-State Concealed Carry Renewal Class dramatically exceeds the requirements for a Concealed Carry Permit in the state of Minnesota.  This MN Concealed Carry Permit is currently honored in up to 35 states. Training modules include but are not limited to: The Use of Lethal Force(Including Legal Statutes, Psychological and Physiological Effects),  The Realities of Owning and Carrying a Handgun, Practical Carry Fundamentals, Rules of Firearm Safety, Stoppages and Malfunctions, Shooting Mechanics and Fundamentals (Simulating live fire through the use of training guns and laser trainers), Mindset, Situational Awareness and Conflict Avoidance, Additional MN Gun Statutes, Live Fire Proficiency Test.

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Minnesota Multi-State Concealed Carry Course

Training modules include but are not limited to: The Use of Lethal Force (Including Legal Statutes, Psychological […] Read More »


Minnesota Multi-State Concealed Carry Renewal Course

Training modules include but are not limited to: The Use of Lethal Force (Including Legal Statutes, Psychological […] Read More »

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